This Week in Egmont

by Heather in BC

This Week in EGMONT

24 – 30 April 2011


It is with sadness that we announce the passing of our friend, leader, Financial Advisor, founding member and Assistant Chief of the Egmont and District Volunteer Fire Department, Douglas Provost, who answered his final call on Friday Morning after a lengthy battle with cancer. We shall miss his warmth and humanity.
Quote of the week: Every human being is intended to have a character of his own…to be what no others are and to do what no other can do. ~William Channing


Skookumchuck Viewing Times: April / May 2011

24 Apr  

9:38 AM + S

4:08 PM – L

25 Apr 

11:17 AM + S

5:05 PM – L

26 Apr
12:39 AM + S
6:04 PM – M
27 Apr
8:20 AM – L
1:40 PM + M
7:07 PM – M
28 Apr
9:03 AM – L
2:44 PM + M
29 Apr
9:37 AM – L
3:34 PM + L
30 Apr
10:04 AM – L
4:20 PM + L
1 May 

10:25 AM – L

5:04 PM +XL

2 May 

10:38 AM – L

5:46 PM +XL

3 May
10:50 AM -XL
6:27 PM +XL
4 May
10:59 AM -XL
7:07 PM + XL
5 May
11:22 AM –XL
7:47 PM + XL
6 May
10:07 PM –XL
8:29 PM +XL
7 May
6:49 AM + M
1:08 PM -XL
8 May 

7:39 AM + M

2:14 PM -XL

9 May 

8:38 AM + S

3:20 PM – L

10 May
10:03 AM +S
4:47 PM – L
11 May
11:50 AM + S
5:34 PM – L
12 May
7:15 AM – L
1:07 PM + M
6:46 PM – L
13 May
8:00 AM -L
2:18 PM +L
8:05 PM – M
14 May
8:41 AM – XL
3:21 PM + L
15 May 

9:21 AM – XL

4:21 PM + XL

16 May 

9:40 AM – XL

5:18 PM + XL

17 May
10:33 AM -XL
6:11 PM +XL
18 May
11:26 AM -XL
7:01 PM +XL
19 May
12:17 AM -XL
7:49 PM +XL
20 May
1:05 PM -XL
8:35 PM +XL
21 May
7:11 AM +M
1:54 PM -L
9:19 PM +XL
22 May 

8:09 AM +S

2:44 PM – L

23 May 

9:28 AM +S

3:35 PM – L

24 May
11:09 AM + S
4:28 PM – M
25 May
6:40 AM – L
12:23 PM + M
5:26 PM – M
26 May
7:28 AM – L
1:30 PM + M
6:33 PM – S
27 May
8:08 AM – L
2:29 PM + L
7:49 PM – S
28 May
9:32 AM – L
3:24 PM + L
29 May 

9:59 AM – L

4:13 PM + L

30 May  

9:46 AM – L

4:58 PM + XL

31 May
10:12 AM -XL
5:41 PM +XL

S = Small M = Medium + = Flood Tide

L = Large XL = Extra Large – = Ebb Tide

Egmonster “Good Egg”: The ‘Good Egg’ award of the week goes to… 604 Pulse for featuring Egmont as THE place to be for Easter Weekend on the Sunshine Coast! We have a lot to offer, and it is nice that others agree and spread the good word.

Rec Night Monday Night is Family Recreation Night at the Community Hall, starting at 6:00.  Activities for children of all ages.  Hosted by Russ and Dani, this is an evening of enjoyment every Monday night this winter to spring.  Table Tennis, Foosball, Basketball, cards, puzzles, and board Games will be available. Pizza and Pop will be available.

Floor Hockey The Hockey team will take over the hall for a lively game of Floor Hockey at 8:00 p.m. on Monday evening. They will clear the floor, set up the goals, and let the sweat flow. These guys know how to have fun and they are good at it! Russel and Rory host. There will be a small entry fee to help cover the costs of heating the hall.

Thrift Store The Egmont Thrift Store is open every Wednesday and Saturday from Noon until 3:00 pm.  Linda Baillie keeps the store stocked with clothing, tools, and household items.  When you walk in, you are sure to see something that you didn’t know existed, but you will be immediately convinced that you cannot live another moment without.  Linda is also taking donations of clean, washed, re-usable items for the store, and will accept small electrical appliances, only if resellable. (604) 883-0251.

Fire Practice Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm is practice for the Egmont and District Volunteer Fire Department.  We are looking for new members with community spirit.  Get involved and join the team! Your community needs you and you will be glad you did.

Fire Ban: All fires, with the exception of small cooking fires are banned on the sunshine Coast from the 15th of April until the 15th of October.

Hockey Playoffs: Hockey Playoffs and our own Canucks are in the running, so we will play Hockey Playoffs on the big screen at the Community Hall. It will be wonderful Dawn leads the kitchen staff, and the snacks are a tremendous success. We will continue to use the sound system, big screen and kitchen for “playoff parties” until our boys bring the Stanley Cup home!!

Movie Night Friday Night is usually Movie Night in Egmont, On Friday, April 29th, The Children’s movie will be “Beethoven”. Barely escaping from nefarious dog nappers, an adorable puppy named Beethoven adopts the unsuspecting Newton family – and promptly grows up into 185 pounds of romping, drooling, disaster prone St. Bernard.

Unfortunately, even after proving his canine credentials to mom and the kids, the heroic hound gets nowhere with uptight dad. But when a beastly veterinarian makes Beethoven the target of an unspeakable animal experiment, dad becomes the only hope for saving the Newton’s furriest family member. Rated PG, this film runs 1 hour and 27 minutes.

After a short intermission, “The Great Debaters” will fill the screen. Inspired by a true story, Denzel Washington shines as a brilliant but politically radical debate team coach who uses the power of words to transform a group of underdog African American college students into a historical powerhouse that took on the Harvard elite. You will stand and cheer!! Rated PG-13, this film runs 124 minutes.


On Friday, May 6th, the Children’s movie will be “Willow”, a groundbreaking film featuring stunning special effects, dazzling action and a classic battle between good and evil.

When young Willow Ufgood finds an abandoned baby, he is suddenly thrust into an adventure filled with magic and danger. According to an ancient prophecy, the sacred child is destined to end the reign of the evil sorceress Queen Bavmorda. Now, with only a single swordsman at his side, Willow must overcome the forces of darkness that threaten to destroy anyone who stands in the Queen’s way. This film is rated PG and runs for 126 minutes.

After a short intermission, “Troy” will fill the widescreen. Brad Pitt picks up a sword and brings a muscular, brooding presence to the role of Greek warrior Achilles in this spectacular retelling of the Iliad. A pair of lovers plunge the world into war. A prince dares to confront Achilles, and a mighty king rules and defends the city/state of Troy. This film features a long-ago world of mighty warships, clashing armies, a massive fortress city, and the towering Trojan Horse. This film is rated R for graphic violence. It runs 162 minutes.

Social Saturday at the Backeddy From 5:00 to 10:00 on Saturdays, for a warm hearth, a cold beer and a place to meet friends and neighbors through the winter. There is the fire, sports on the boob tube, the billiard table and the people in the community that you want to talk with. Through the winter months, there will be a limited menu, but the bar is in full operation. Also, the Backeddy is donating 25 cents from each beer to the Egmont Community Club.

In addition, the Pub is now open 5 days per week (Wednesday thru Sunday, from Noon until 10 pm) until long May weekend. And the Kitchen is open from Noon until 8 pm with new chef, Kevin Lancastor.

Coastal Events: Pender Harbour Hiking Club meets Monday and Wednesday mornings for a hike in the North Sunshine coast area. Most hikes are approximately 1.5 hours, and easy to moderate difficulty.

Monday, April 25        Dan Bosch Park to Malaspina Sub Station       Meet at Petro Can at 8:15 and drive to Malaspina Sub Station to drop half the cars.  We will drive to Dan Bosch to start the hike back.

Wednesday, April 27   Ambrose Lake, Earl’s Cove.    Meet at PetroCan at 08:15to carpool up to Earl’s Cove.  We will start the hike at 8:30 at ‘the castle’.  Egmonsters can meet us at the intersection of the highway and Green Tree and we will drive from there to the trail head.


Upcoming events:

Skookumchuck Heritage Society Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday, May 1, 2011 from 2:00 pm -4:00 pm at the Egmont Heritage Centre Museum, 6671 Egmont Road in Egmont, BC V0N 1N0 (604) 883-9994

Mother’s Day Tea: On May 7th, from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m., the Egmont Community Hall will host a Mother’s Day Tea. $3. Come, bring a friend, bring your mother, or bring your children. We will honor the Oldest mother, the newest mother, and the mother with the most children. Abraham Lincoln once said, “All that I am, and all that I ever will be, I owe to my mother.”

Literary Group Meets every third Saturday of the month at the Egmont Community Hall from 2-4 p.m. for food and stories, readings, workshops. Everyone and every age invited. Next event: Saturday May 21st. Bring a friend along with a favorite poem or story.

Father’s Day Fishing Derby: On Father’s Day, we will have a fishing derby at Klein Lake Campground. Prizes will be offered for the largest trout and the smallest trout. We will BBQ hot dogs, hamburgers and hopefully, fish. Be sure to bring your fishing license and fishing gear. You can get both at Bathgates’ General Store.

Recycle Volunteer. The Egmont Community Club is seeking a volunteer to handle recycling for the community of Egmont. Believe it or not – the recycling earns our club about $1,000 per year. We need this money to help pay expenses. Please contact the Egmont Community Club via email

Garden Club We are still looking for Volunteers to start the Egmont Garden Club and the Community Garden.  Bruce Hillhouse is helping to organize people, location, and facilities.

Disclaimer: Anyone wishing to add, correct, clarify, update or delete something in this column, please contact me.  And, as usual, anyone wishing to NOT be included in future issues of this email, please let me know and I will be happy to remove you from all future mailings.

Best regards,

Doug Elliott

(604) 883-0416

Egmont Community Club

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