This Week in Egmont

by Heather in BC

This Week in EGMONT

25 September-1 October 2011

Quote of the week: Often, a mighty man is the humblest of creatures and a humble man is the mightiest of creatures. ~Arab Proverb.

We announce the loss of a member of our community. Mr. Rob Murray passed peacefully on Wednesday, September 21st. Rob was a marine engineer, working first in the Northwest Territories, and then moving logs all along the Pacific Coast.

He had been a long time resident of Egmont, coming to the Sunshine Coast approximately 30 years ago. For many years, he operated a Water Taxi service in the area. He was a fire warden for the BC Fire Service, and organized a Fire Response on North Lake. He founded RK Services, Ltd., and developed Water Systems, as well as repaired motors and chain saws. He created A Lakeside Retreat on North Lake, providing relaxing accommodation services for tourists from many places.

Rob was a private person who kept his own counsel. He was dependable and reliable. He saw what needed to be done in his area, and he did it. He was a man of quiet ambitions—when he saw opportunities, he acted on them; when he saw problems, he took responsibility and solved them.

Should people wish, donations may be sent to the St Mary’s Hospital Foundation.

Thrift Store has a major shipment of new stock. So we are having a Bag Sale – $5 per bag, clothing only. Lots of books and clothing and various items you cannot live another moment without. Open every Wednesday and Saturday from Noon until 3:00 pm. Contact Linda Baillie. (604) 883-0251.

Fire Practice Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm is practice for the Egmont and District Volunteer Fire Department. We are looking for new members with community spirit. Get involved and join the team! Your community needs you and you will be glad you did.

Fire Ban: All fires, with the exception of small cooking fires are banned on the sunshine Coast from the 15th of April until the 15th of October.

Movie Night Friday Night is normally Movie Night at the Egmont Community Hall. On September 30th, the early movie will be Steven Spielberg’s heartwarming masterpiece of love between a young boy and a visitor from another planet. Filled with unparalleled magic and imagination that made audiences around the world laugh and cry, “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” follows the moving story of a lost little alien who befriends a 10 year old boy named Elliott. While E.T. learns about life on earth, Elliott learns that friendship knows no earthly bounds. E.T invites everyone to share the thrill of its magic touch. It’s more than a movie– it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Rated PG, this film runs 1 hour 55 minutes.

After a short intermission, we will screen “The Shawshank Redemption”. Seeing his beautiful wife in the arms of another man is more than Andy Dufresne can stand, but what happens next is even more shocking. Andy is convicted of her murder and sent to Shawshank Prison – for life. The seasoned convicts there, headed by Red, make bets he won’t last the first night. But Andy is full of surprises. Forming an unlikely friendship with Red, Andy proves his resourcefulness, winning favors from the warden. But as the years go by, Andy and Red never give up the dream of freedom, and together they turn hope and friendship into an uplifting bond no prison can ever take away. Rated “R”, this film runs 142 minutes.

On October 2nd, the early movie will be “Wind in the Willows”, an enchanting tale about the world along the Riverbank that has delighted readers for nearly a century. In a constantly changing world lies a magical place by the ever-flowing River. Life is pretty peaceful here – too peaceful for practical Rat, impetuous Mole, cranky Badger and reckless but lovable Toad.

Every now and then, one of these fast friends feels the need to embark on an unpredictable, fun loving journey down the River and into the mysterious Wide World. But there are great twists and turns along the eternal River that teach all of them lessons about the cycles of life… About responsibility and justice…and about the forgiving nature of true friendship. This film runs 74 minutes.

After a short intermission, we will screen “Cinderella Man” Based on a true story of One man’s extraordinary fight to save the family he loved. In a time when America needed a champion, an unlikely hero would arise, proving how hard a man would fight to win a second chance for his family and himself. Suddenly thrust into the national spotlight, boxer Jim Braddock would defy the odds against him and stun the world with one of the greatest comebacks in history. Driven by love for his family, he willed an impossible dream to come true. Rated PG-13, this film runs 1 hr, 25 min.

Work Day at the Hall On Sunday, October 2nd, we will have a work day at the Egmont Community Hall. The goal is to construct a deck and wheel chair ramp on the south side of the hall, similar to the front porch. Bring a hammer, a strong arm, and a good friend or neighbor. We would like to get this done before the Homesteader’s dinner.

Garden Club We are still looking for Volunteers to start the Egmont Garden Club and the Community Garden. We have received a grant from the Sunshine Coast Foundation to help finance materials for this purpose. Look at the community garden in the area behind the hall.

Recycle Volunteer. The Egmont Community Club is seeking a volunteer to handle recycling for the community of Egmont. Believe it or not – the recycling earns our club about $1,000 per year. We need this money to help pay expenses. Please contact the Egmont Community Club via email

On the Coast: Rogue Used Books & Music is now located in the Copper Sky Gallery, inside the Copper Sky Cafe, in Madeira Park. Kim Foster, a local Egmonster, is very excited about moving into the Gallery. The books get to hang out with great art and the hours are fantastic: open 7 days a week, 10:00am to 5:00pm. Please let Kim know if there is a specific book you are looking for. If she doesn’t have a copy on hand it will be her very great pleasure to find one for you. So, come on by for a visit. And stay, curled up for a lovely read with a scrumptious nibble at your elbow. Support our locals in their business endeavors—especially when they improve our lives like this.

Upcoming events:

Homesteader’s Harvest Dinner & Festival in Egmont to celebrate the traditions that helped to make Egmont into a community….

Before the road, when we were water access only, the Homesteaders would harvest their corn, beans and squash. Then the supply ship would come in with dry goods so the residents could stock up for the winter. A community dinner of Salmon, game, vegetables, pastries & canned goods would celebrate the harvest and the year’s accomplishments. This year, we will celebrate at the Egmont Community Hall on Saturday, October 8th, at 6:00 PM. Come and join us in a fundraising dinner of Harvest, Thanksgiving and Appreciation of all those who have worked so hard over the years to make Egmont the community that it is. $12.00

Saloon Night: Mark your calendars for the upcoming Egmont Saloon Night. Saturday, November 12th Only 100 tickets to be sold. $25 each. More details later.

Boat Building Seminar A Boat Building Seminar will be conducted at the Egmont Community Hall this winter. Tom Silvey will coordinate the tools, workspace availability, setup and cleanup, and arrange for guest instructors. Goal: To build a boat that will be sold by either raffle or auction in the spring.

Participants will learn each of the steps of boat building, both in a classroom setting and through hands-on construction. Classes will take place on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons throughout this winter, from October through March. Costs will be nominal. Subjects will include molds, framework, covering, and finishing. By the end of the winter, we should have a boat of clear cedar to be sold. The funds will be used to finance a capital expenditure project at the Hall.

All participants should learn enough to take on a small boat building project themselves during the following winter. We would like to attract both boys and girls, as well as young and old participants to pass down tool and wood working skills for another generation. It is also hoped that this could become an annual winter project for the community.

Disclaimer: Anyone wishing to add, correct, clarify, update or delete something in this column, please contact me. And, as usual, anyone wishing to NOT be included in future issues of this email, please let me know and I will be happy to remove you from all future mailings.

Best regards,

Doug Elliott

(604) 883-0416

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