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31 July – 6 August 2011

Quote of the week: The true measure of success in life is not wealth, power or fame…it’s laugh lines.

Egmonster “Good Egg”: The Egmonster “Good Egg” of the week award goes to the many volunteers who helped to make the 1st Annual Egmont Pig Roast a successful and enjoyable event. Andrea, Andy and Liz, Betty, Cady, Dawn, Kat, and Linda B., spent much of Friday and Saturday in the Kitchen, preparing for the event, as well as cleaning up after each stage of progress. Rory and Tom used their trucks to ferry in supplies and equipment. Russ and Heather organized a Fishing Derby (won by Chad with a 33” Ling Cod – Warren from the Lodge came in 2nd)for Saturday Morning with prizes awarded at 3:00 PM to keep with the all-day spirit of the event. Rodney came early on Saturday Morning with his pig roaster and Terry showed up with his Backhoe to help unload and set it up. Dennis lent his coordination and heavy equipment handling skills to the effort. Rodney took charge of one pig and stuffed it with Apples, Onions, spices and garlic. Wally took charge of the second pig and stuffed it with seaweed and garlic in the traditional manner. Both men spent more than twelve hours with the roasters and heat to deliver an extremely mouth-wateringly tasty result. After learning of a last minute requirement for maple firewood for the Pig Roast on Saturday, Greg and Terin not only donated the wood, but cut, split, hauled and stacked it for the event. Eric, Dwayne, Rick, Rory, Wally and Tom gathered at 06:00 on Saturday morning to set up both the Pig Roasters, the tables and chairs, the games, and the event facilities. The West Coast Wilderness Lodge provided advertising and a donation to sponsor the event. Roosendale Farms donated the vegetables for the Greek Salad. Bruce Hillhouse spruced up the grounds prior to the event, as well as raising all of the lettuce and other greens for the Garden Salad. The Madeira Park IGA has been extremely generous, as has the Madeira Park Rona. The Oaktree Market gave us a generous price on the pigs. Greig’s Seafood donated all of the ice required for the occasion. Heather and Crystal took charge of donations, decorations, and the Raffle. The Raffle winner, Al from Alberta, was kind enough to donate his winnings back to the Egmont Community Hall Improvement Fund. Louise handled the cash box for both lunch and dinner, setting up in the hot sun at noon, and then moving inside when the rains came. Mario volunteered to help by leading the Pig Carving team with Linda D. in support. Untold numbers of volunteers assisted in moving the event tables and chairs to inside the hall when the rain made it impossible to continue to operate outdoors. Skinny Jimmy provided music for hours, including an impromptu dance after the dinner. This Community Spirit and volunteerism is exactly what makes our small village special. Thank you All!! You are helping to make Egmont a vibrant and exciting place to live.

Thrift Store Lots of books and clothing and various items you cannot live another moment without. Open every Wednesday and Saturday from Noon until 3:00 pm.  Contact Linda Baillie. (604) 883-0251.

Fire Practice Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm is practice for the Egmont and District Volunteer Fire Department.  We are looking for new members with community spirit.  Get involved and join the team! Your community needs you and you will be glad you did.

Fire Ban: All fires, with the exception of small cooking fires are banned on the sunshine Coast from the 15th of April until the 15th of October.

Movie Night Friday Night is Movie Night at the Egmont Community Hall. On August 5th, the Early film will be “Winter’s End”, the third and final installment of the Sarah trilogy. “Winter’s End” provides a glorious and touching story of a family drawn together by adversity. In the midst of a perilous winter, a mysterious wanderer unexpectedly arrives at Jacob and Sarah’s isolated Kansas farm. The stranger is John Witting, the father who abandoned young Jacob when still a young child. Never fully understanding the reasons for his father’s departure, Jacob has been embittered by a burden of anger and grief. Though John wins the hearts of the children and the sympathy of Sarah, Jacob is tormented by his father’s return. Despite a late winter storm that paralyzes the farm, their greatest obstacle isn’t tending to the land—they must reconcile a relationship strained by years of resentment and neglect. In this heartwarming tale of triumph over adversity, the Wittings are challenged to forgive the past, and embrace the future together … as a family. Rated “G”, this film runs 99 minutes.

After a short intermission, we will screen “Unforgiven”. Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman play retired, down-on-their-luck outlaws who pick up their guns one last time to collect a bounty offered by the vengeful prostitutes of the remote Wyoming town of Big Whiskey. Richard Harris is an ill-fated interloper, a colorful killer-for-hire called English Bob. And Gene Hackman is the sly and brutal local sheriff whose brand of law enforcement ranges from unconventional to ruthless. Big trouble is coming to Big Whiskey.

On August 12th, the early film will be “The Indian in the Cupboard”, the touching tale of nine year old Omri who magically brings his three inch toy Indian, Little Bear, to life. Together, they embark on an amazing adventure filled with wonder and excitement. Rated PG, this film runs 98 Minutes.

After a short intermission, we will screen “Thirteen Days”. For thirteen extraordinary days in October, 1962, the world stood on the brink of an unthinkable catastrope. After the discovery of Soviet weapons in Cuba, events and tension escalate between two military superpowers and withing the White House. President John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, and Special Assistant to the President Kenneth P. O’Donnell are in the hot seat as they struggle to prevent nuclear war. Rated PG-13, this film runs 147 minutes.

Garden Club We are still looking for Volunteers to start the Egmont Garden Club and the Community Garden. We have received a grant from the Sunshine Coast Foundation to help finance materials for this purpose. Look at the community garden in the area behind the hall. Vegetables from this garden were used in the salad for the annual Seafood Dinner (a great success) – and will again supply the salad for the July 30th pig roast.

Recycle Volunteer. The Egmont Community Club is seeking a volunteer to handle recycling for the community of Egmont. Believe it or not – the recycling earns our club about $1,000 per year. We need this money to help pay expenses. Please contact the Egmont Community Club via email

Coastal Events: Pender Harbour Hiking Club meets Monday and Wednesday mornings for a hike in the North Sunshine coast area. Most hikes are approximately 1.5 hours, and easy to moderate difficulty.

Holy smokes…. it is August already.  The hikes for next week are as follows:

Monday, August 1st – Malaspina Substation to Sunview. We will meet at PetroCan at 8:15 and then drop half the cars at Sunview and then drive to the substation to hike back. The hike is moderate and will take about 1.5 hours.

Wednesday, August 3rd – Egmont Road to Dan Bosch Park** We will meet at PetroCan at 8:00 and drop half the cars at Dan Bosch Park and then drive on to Egmont Road and the highway to start the hike. This is a moderate+ hike that will take about 2 hours. There is a steady incline for the first 30 minutes.

** This is not the hike listed on the schedule.  We were unable to check out the ‘new’ trail from Klein Lake to Egmont so have to put that hike off until we have time to check it out.


Upcoming events:

Music at the Hall:
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